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Negotiation is the key to a successful short sale. Negotiators Alma Korshak and Steve Korshak, owners of Short Sale Facilitators of Florida, manage every piece of a short sale for sellers trying to get out from under mortgages.

Short Sale Facilitators is a family-owned short sale business that handles liens, paperwork, difficult lender negotiations, and may be able to find funds for closings and or relocation.

Sellers, realtors and lawyers can bring short sales to Short Sale Facilitators because every short sale client is a priority.

Lawyers: Shift Short Sale Chores

Turn to Short Sale Facilitators

Busy lawyers don’t like handling short sales because it’s not an effective use of valuable legal time. A short sale can take months to process with endless details and follow-up.

Let Short Sale Facilitators handle every short sale that comes in the door. The buyers pay the nominal short sale fee at closing. Call Alma Korshak at Short Sale Facilitators 321-397-5505 or info@ssfacts.net

Realtors: Get Help on Short Sales

Lean on Short Sale Specialists

Short Sale Facilitators know that realtors earn by listing and selling properties. Now, when sellers bring a time-consuming short sales for listing, there’s help for the exhaustive short sale process at no cost to the agent or seller.

Work with Short Sale Facilitators who keep real estate agents involved and informed. Commission is paid at the short sale closing. Reach Alma to find out more at info@ssfacts.net

Sellers Find Help on Short Sales

Sell a Home in a Short Sale

A short sale could help a financially stretched homeowner get out of debt from an under water home and very stressful mortgage. A short sale is a decent sales option to fighting foreclosure.

Let Short Sale Facilitators do your short sale. Buyers pay the costs and Alma Korshak handles all the details. Contact Alma at info@ssfacts.net or 321-397-5505

Do NOT Default on Homeowner Association Fees

Exterior view of Short Sale Facilitators Florida buildingHomeowners Association (HOA) fees can cause an inexpensive short sale to become very expensive, very quickly said Alma Korshak owner of Short Sale Facilitators of Florida. Alma and Steve Korshak manage short sales for lawyers, for sellers (homeowners) and for realtors. Letting HOA fees become overdue for any length of time may cause a bill for several hundred dollars escalate into a $5,000 debt in a matter of days.

“I’ve seen it happen a lot and this is a very serious issue,” Alma Korshak said. “We start with a short sale file from a homeowner and 30 days later, near closing, we get a phone call, ‘the HOA fees went to the HOA board’s lawyer.’ You know that $500 you owed on that HOA fee? It just went to $7,000′.”

Homeowners in Florida must realize that HOAs have a lot of power and can begin foreclosure procedures and you can be forced out of your home all because of a few hundred dollars that turned into several thousand.

Default on HOA Fees? HOAs Can Foreclose

“What has happened is that with all the foreclosures in Florida, HOAs have gained political power and have earned the legal right to begin foreclosure proceedings on defaulting homeowners. To put it simply, HOAs have the ability to boot you out of your house,” Alma said.

Pay HOA fees to avoid foreclosure proceedingsBefore HOA fees get out of control, call Short Sale Facilitators. Whether a home is in pre-foreclosure, or owners have received a lis pendens, or a lis pendens and foreclosure lawsuit will soon arrive; come and work with Short Sale Facilitators who may be able to help by starting a short sale, regardless of either situation.

Short sales may sound like a “short” sale, but short sales actually take as long to process as a normal, regular home sale. The “short” in short sale refers to the short that the lender is repaid which is an amount that is negotiated by Short Sale Facilitators. The goal is always to get the lender to accept less for a home that is upside down where the value is below the amount owed on the mortgage. This negotiation process is one that Short Sale Facilitators enjoys, relishes and feels is worth the effort every single time. There is always a goal of eliminating deficiency which is the amount owed to the lender after the home is sold and the home has not brought the amount needed to pay off the mortgage.

All home sellers fear a deficiency in a short sale. But Alma and Steve Korshak encourage sellers, realtors, lawyers to turn the short sale over to Short Sale Facilitators. Short Sale Facilitators are skilled negotiators who regularly eliminate deficiencies.

Should a deficiency remain, low- or no-interest loans can be obtained by sellers so that there is not a massive amount of cash needed at the end of the short sale for the lender. Alma and Steve will do everything possible to prevent a deficiency, however.

Alma tells clients that no matter the financial stretch it is worth paying HOA fees.

We Handle the Entire Short Sale

Short sales are time consuming; they require continuous communication, research, and monitoring. There are a lot of twists and turns during the negotiation process, which begins the moment paperwork is turned over to the Short Sale Facilitators team.

For example, the research on the number of liens on a home can determine whether there will have to be negotiations with as many as five—and sometimes more—debtors who have gone after a homeowner’s property.

Street view of Short Sale Facilitators buildingWhat that means is that before the short sale can be completed, each creditor has to be negotiated with by Short Sale Facilitators to have the lien taken off the property.

Short Sale Facilitators will work to free homeowners from the stress of a property. By choosing to work with Short Sale Facilitators, the chaos, the non-stop surprises, and the difficulties can be managed by someone else. However, realtors and sellers are rewarded in the end when the short sale closes and the commission check arrives for the agent.

Consult with Alma Korshak before throwing in the towel and letting a foreclosure lawsuit begin. Let Short Sale Facilitators use the power of negotiation to handle the sale of your upside down property. Don’t live in a constant feeling where stress takes over your life just because of a home. There is an option to foreclosure that can be handled and managed by a team who knows what to do every step of the short sale. Call Short Sale Facilitators at 321-397-5505.

So You Want to “Get Rid of Your Home”

Home Under WaterThe first question in short sales is often, “can I get rid of my home and not owe anything to the lender after it’s sold?”

The first response from Short Sale Facilitators of Florida is, “let’s find out if we can make that happen for you.”

Short Sale Facilitators will be honest with you and tell you that every short sale is not the same. There is no easy answer dealing with under water homes. Under water homes are homes that are worth less in an appraisal than what is owed on a mortgage. Home values in Florida have dropped. Owing a lender more each month than you as a homeowner can afford is very stressful. Homeowners want out and quickly if possible.

But a short sale is not short in length. A short sale shorts the lender the full amount owed on the mortgage. BUT, getting a lender to allow the short sale deficiency to be forgiven, now that is the key to a successful short sale. That success is not easy. It requires negotiation with the lender. It requires research for available alternatives to offer the lender in order to provide something on the deficiency. That may include Short Sale Facilitators finding closing funds in the form of a very low interest loan. That may include actual closing funds to bring to the lender at closing.

In some cases a lender will not forgive a deficiency despite all efforts. A second mortgage may be forgiven, yes, but the lender may say the first mortgage is owed in full. However, every angle, every argument and every option will be investigated for sellers. And by having worked in the industry, Short Sale Facilitators has experience in presenting lenders with viable financial alternatives to a foreclosure. At the end of the process, Short Sale Facilitators is your defense, your support, your personal negotiator.

How Badly in Debt Are You?

It may seem futile to continue paying for a home if you’ve lost a job or earn less income each month than you did a year ago. It’s not realistic or smart to pay for your home from your savings or a 401(k).

Don’t sit around floating just above water. Consider a short sale to sell your home. You can relocate into a home that you can rent and that you can afford. Short Sale Facilitators may be able to provide you with funds for relocation to help with the move, the down payments and security deposits. We understand that money is tight and the last thing that you want to do is come up with cash to pay first month, last month on a rental. There are government funds and relocation fees that are available. If you qualify, Short Sale Facilitators will

We can tell you that we will look at your paperwork, your finances, your mortgage, your liens. When we’re done, we’ll make an assessment and then give you the options. You can determine whether a short sale is better for you than letting the home go into foreclosure.

But there’s no easy and immediate answer because no short sale is the same.

Why? Because every home has a different value, a different mortgage, different lenders, different government programs to help get you out of an under water home.

One thing all short sales have in common? Hassles.

The challenging parts of short sales that no one wants to deal with? Negotiation. Liens. Lenders. Paperwork.

Short Sale Facilitors LOVES the challenge of a short sale. We’ve done nothing but short sales for seven years. Bring us your worst, we’ll give you our best so that you can get out from under your mortgage without having a foreclosure on your record.


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