5 Ways Help Your Florida Short Sale

Once You Have a Contract, Short Sale Facilitators Negotiates with Your Lender

Once You Have a Contract,
Short Sale Facilitators Negotiates with Your Lender

In the current housing market, there are five simple steps distressed homeowners can take to help sell their Florida short sale property. The decision to short sale comes after a long emotional process and sellers may reach a point where they just want out. They need relief from the financial and emotional burden of their mortgage. It is important to be patient with the short sale process and do what you can do to help.

Short Sale Facilitators of Casselberry, Florida negotiate short sales with lenders on behalf of homeowners that need to get out of their mortgages. They handle the paperwork and the negotiation, but also understand that the seller and the realtor handling the homeowner’s short sale also play a very important part.

5 Ways to Improve A Short Sale

1. Stay involved. If you work with Short Sale Facilitators to negotiate with your lender, you still have an important role. All documentation and required paperwork must be accurate and completed on time. If the lender asks for more documentation, it is important the seller cooperates and meets deadlines the lender may establish.

2. Work with an experienced team. A short sale requires a lot of paperwork and negotiation and can sometimes be a lengthy process. It is important to work with a realtor with short sale experience. Working with Short Sale Facilitators will also put an experienced negotiator on your team to negotiate the best terms possible for the seller. Lender negotiations can be tough so it is important to have someone who will look out for your best interests when negotiating with the lender.

3. Proper pricing of your short sale is critical. Your realtor may do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) as if you were listing your home in a more traditional sale. Understanding how much comparable homes in your neighborhood sold for is so important. Since you are asking the lender to accept less for the property than it is worth, bargain basement pricing is not usually the best approach. Working with an experienced short sale realtor will help you price your home to sell.

4. Maintain your home while it is for sale. Do the dishes, mow the lawn, make the beds and keep up on minor repairs. A home that has fallen into disrepair immediately sets the stage for price reduction negotiation. Homes that do not look cared for may scare buyers away.

5. Make sure the property is available for realtors to show. Many potential buyers work during the week and the only time they may be available to look for property may be on the weekend. The time to show your property is when the buyer wants to see it. Showing restrictions may keep potential buyers away.

We Handle the Negotiation

Once you have shown your property and have an offer – that is when a lot of the work begins. Short Sale Facilitators owners Steve and Alma Korshak have over seven years experience negotiating short sales. They do not just accept what the bank offers. They look after the seller when negotiating with lenders. They also make sure your realtor is kept in the loop every step of the way.

Once you have a good offer on your property, let Short Sale Facilitators handle the paperwork and the negotiation. They will try every way possible to help minimize any possible deficiencies and will find any relocation funds available to you. Alma Korshak believes that every client is a priority.

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