A Short Sale Shows a Lender Good Faith by the Seller

Florida real estate attorney and owner of Short Sale Facilitators Steve Korshak.

Florida real estate attorney/owner of Short Sale Facilitators Steve Korshak.

Steve Korshak is an owner and an attorney for Short Sale Facilitators of Florida in Casselberry, Florida.

Steve explains the short sale process and its benefits to homeowners in a video called, “A Short Sale Shows a Lender Good Faith by the Seller.” Watch this video on the Short Sale Facilitators YouTube channel

“I wanted to talk to you about short sales which are an option if you’re facing bankruptcy or foreclosure or are close to losing your home,” Steve said.

“You don’t have to lose your dignity and your credit. A short sale may be the other choice for you. A short sale is the sale of your home for less than the amount due to the lender. It’s short of the full amount of the loan.

“Sometimes a lender will allow you to do a short sale which is less damaging to your credit. It prevents them from paying a foreclosure lawsuit.

“A short sale is a good faith act that you’re showing a lender that you’re trying to do what’s right instead of going into default and letting them sue you for foreclosure. Occasionally a bank offer a short sale to you as an option to getting out from under your loan.

“So, if you’re in foreclosure or even if you’re not, you can call us. We are licensed realtors and lawyers who handle the entire process for you. You don’t pay us the small fee that it costs, the buyer pays the fees at closing. We do all the work and handle everything for you. We keep you informed after you give us all the property information. We negotiate and work it out for you with the lender.

“The upside is that a short sale is a better option in the long run for you and for the servicer of your loan. Thanks for listening. I’m attorney Steve Korshak with Short Sale Facilitators. Give me a call and let me negotiate your short sale for you.”

To reach Steve or Alma Korshak, contact Short Sale Facilitators by making an appointment by phone calling 321-397-5505.


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