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A Short Sale Shows a Lender Good Faith by the Seller

Florida real estate attorney and owner of Short Sale Facilitators Steve Korshak.

Florida real estate attorney/owner of Short Sale Facilitators Steve Korshak.

Steve Korshak is an owner and an attorney for Short Sale Facilitators of Florida in Casselberry, Florida.

Steve explains the short sale process and its benefits to homeowners in a video called, “A Short Sale Shows a Lender Good Faith by the Seller.” Watch this video on the Short Sale Facilitators YouTube channel

“I wanted to talk to you about short sales which are an option if you’re facing bankruptcy or foreclosure or are close to losing your home,” Steve said.

“You don’t have to lose your dignity and your credit. A short sale may be the other choice for you. A short sale is the sale of your home for less than the amount due to the lender. It’s short of the full amount of the loan.

“Sometimes a lender will allow you to do a short sale which is less damaging to your credit. It prevents them from paying a foreclosure lawsuit.

“A short sale is a good faith act that you’re showing a lender that you’re trying to do what’s right instead of going into default and letting them sue you for foreclosure. Occasionally a bank offer a short sale to you as an option to getting out from under your loan.

“So, if you’re in foreclosure or even if you’re not, you can call us. We are licensed realtors and lawyers who handle the entire process for you. You don’t pay us the small fee that it costs, the buyer pays the fees at closing. We do all the work and handle everything for you. We keep you informed after you give us all the property information. We negotiate and work it out for you with the lender.

“The upside is that a short sale is a better option in the long run for you and for the servicer of your loan. Thanks for listening. I’m attorney Steve Korshak with Short Sale Facilitators. Give me a call and let me negotiate your short sale for you.”

To reach Steve or Alma Korshak, contact Short Sale Facilitators by making an appointment by phone calling 321-397-5505.

Realtors Can Be Helped by the Short Sale Facilitators’ Team

Steve Korshak is an attorney with Short Sale Facilitators of Florida. Steve and Alma Korshak work frequently with realtors who are challenged by the long and hassle-filled short sale process.

Remember, the short sale process is not short but instead the lender who holds the mortgage is shorted if the home is sold for less than what it’s worth. Generally, a short sale is done when a home’s value is less than what it was purchased for, or for what is owed to the lender.

“I want to talk to realtors about short sales, yes, and the short sale process which takes a great deal of time,” Steve Korshak said. “Short sales need attention to detail, full-time person or team dedicated to making the short sale happen. You’re hesitant to take on a short sale because it takes time to babysit a short sale vs. listing or selling properties.

“So instead of tackling this yourself you should consider working with us,” Steve said. “Short Sale Facilitators has handled only short sales for seven years and we’re very skilled and attentive to all details. You can comfortably let us handle your short sale.

“You may want to help out a favorite client. They may not your biggest client, but they come to you with a short sale proposition and they need your help. Take the short sale and let us handle it for you. So, when you have a client who you know would benefit from a short sale you can contact us.

“You won’t lose money because we do all the work, the buyer pays our nominal fee and you earn your commission when the home sells.

“We’ll negotiate for you and do all the paperwork. We track down and monitor liens and keep you completely informed so that you’ll know everything that we do about the file. We communicate with the bank, with the buyer, with the seller and with you. There will be no question as to the status of your short sale. You’ll know when we know,” Korshak said.

Everybody in the short sale process can benefit from the work that is done by Short Sale Facilitators. Let us help you help your clients.

If you’re a realtor with listings and showings to deal with on a day to day basis, but you want to help a client or several with a short sale. Contact Alma Korshak and Steve Korshak with Short Sale Facilitators in Florida. Call 321-397-5505 and let Short Sale Facilitators handle short sales for you.

Help for Lawyers With Clients Who Could Benefit from a Short Sale

Steve Korshak is a real estate attorney and an owner of Short Sale Facilitators. Short Sale Facilitators works with lawyers, realtors and homeowners who need to sell a home through short sale but need help to negotiate away the deficiencies, liens, and hassles.

When a home is under its value for whatever reason, the lender can be approached and a short sale can be considered. But the short sale process is very complex, with many twists and negotiations that lawyers don’t want to have to deal with. Short sales take away from the daily legal responsibilities of a lawyer and the listing and selling of real estate.

“As an attorney, I know there are clients you would like to be able to help with a short sale but you skip the short sales because you don’t have the time,” Korshak said.

“I’d like to introduce our services and capabilities of Short Sale Facilitators so that when you have a short sale come up we can handle and negotiate it for you.

“There may be clients that you have who could benefit from a short sale: an illness or death in the family, a house is under water. A financial hardship from divorce, a loss of income. When you don’t have the time to go through the paper work of a short sale, give us a call.

“Don’t take time away from your practice for short sales when they come up. We’ll work the short sale for you. Start to finish, professionally, detail-oriented and making sure you’re informed. We communicate with you keeping up with liens, deadlines, offers, details, talking with realtors, the owner, the buyer and the seller. We make it happen and you aren’t charged a fee.

In fact if you want to participate in the short sale process we can share a percentage of our fee with you based on the percentage of work that you perform in compliance with Florida Bar rules. The buyers pay a minimal fee, not the seller, not you,” Korshak said.

To reach Steve Korshak with Short Sale Facilitators, call 321-397-5505 the next time you get a short sale and need someone to negotiate and handle everything for you.

Short Sale Facilitators Negotiates for Sellers Who Fear a Deficiency

A short sale is a process where a realtor with experience in short sales lists a property on the market and sells the property. When the property is sold, the seller, who may owe a second mortgage, a mortgage, homeowner association fees and possible liens, has a hero or heroine, who steps in on their behalf to negotiate the debt down.

Short Sale Facilitators is that negotiator who works tirelessly, endlessly for people selling their homes, to eliminate a deficiency if at all possible.

The negotiator looks everywhere within their resources including government closing funds, government relocation fees, and any other money available from the buyer, even the lender, to close the home sale with the least amount of deficiency.

The negotiator, the hero of the short sale, negotiates on the seller’s behalf to eliminate the debt that is still there. It’s called a deficiency. It may be a $20,000 or it may be a $200,000 deficiency. The negotiator will talk with, cajole, urge, push, pull and talk and work out the deficiency to the very best of the negotiator’s ability.

Short Sale Facilitators is the negotiator who works tirelessly on the behalf of each and every seller who may still owe an amount of money to the original lender of the loan.

The Fear of a Deficiency

A deficiency is the amount of money left after the buyer has bought a home for less than is what is owed the lender. The lender, however, can be worked with to allow this deficiency to  go away, be forgiven. The term short sale comes from the sale of a home that is “short” of the full amount owed to the lender. Only a skilled and experienced and determined negotiator will be able to get the deficiency to be forgiven.

On occasion, there are funds available for the seller to receive from the government or other sources to diminish or even fully eliminate the deficiency.

The key is that the deficiency is negotiable. A deficiency has many options including a loan that can be granted to the seller at an extremely low percentage rate. In this way, the home is sold short, the deficiency is not left hanging out there, the seller maintains their credit and is able to take time to pay the loan off over time.

There are so many scenarios in a short sale. There are many, many options that do not include a seller ending up in worst case scenarios. The seller doesn’t pay the fess involved in a short sale, the buyer does at closing.

The lawyer, the realtor, the homeowner do not have to chase down the lender to urge negotiations at every turn. Short Sale Facilitators makes all the moves and negotiates on behalf of everyone involved with the lender with the sole goal of getting the deficiency and any remaining balance after a home is sold to go away.

Now, it doesn’t happen every time, but when and if it can occur, Short Sale Facilitators is the hardest working negotiator involved in the short sale process.

For further information on how to begin the short sale process, call 321-397-5505.

When Is a Short Sale the Right Financial Decision?

Realtors ask. Lawyers ask. Homeowners ask. Everyone wants to know when a short sale is the right financial decision.

A short sale is the best option when a home is in what’s called pre-foreclosure; meaning the home is in default. You may have received a lis pendens, or you’re expecting it soon.

This is when a short sale MAY be the right financial decision because if you know foreclosure is around the corner and that you’re not able to afford an attorney to fight the foreclosure, and you don’t want to or cannot afford to keep the property, your first call should be to Short Sale Facilitators.

Pick up the phone and call Short Sale Facilitators to make an appointment preferably before you get the lis pendens. Call us before you’ve been served with a foreclosure lawsuit.

Call us when you know that you’re going to miss a mortgage payment, and before you get behind on your homeowner association dues. The mortgage payments are in arrears and the amount is more than can be paid. The property is upside down and there are medical bills, student loan payments, groceries, electricity and phone bills that must be paid after a job loss, a divorce.

Don’t worry because when the home is sold and it’s off your plate, your life will seem easier and the stress of the home or property is no longer an issue.

Timing is Everything in a Short Sale

The sooner you call, the more quickly we can help you and alleviate all the “what ifs” and “I should haves.” Call quickly so that your options remain open. The moment you find out your home value is below what you owe and you’ve just lost your job, call us. We’ll meet with you as soon as you have made an appointment with us.

Timing is crucial because if you’re considering bankruptcy, fearing foreclosure, own the home, rent the home, you need to act before a foreclosure lawsuit is filed against you.

A short sale may still be done if a home is in the early stages of foreclosure. But if you know you don’t have the money to fight the foreclosure there is no reason to delay the inevitable. You need all the time you can spare to tackle the paperwork, gather your documentation.

Short Sale Facilitators will take over for you and you won’t have to worry because our staff of skilled negotiators is getting to work for you. And you as a seller, a homeowner, a lawyer or a realtor don’t pay for this.

The short sale is paid by the buyer in the closing.

Call When the Mortgage Can’t Be Paid

Here’s a scenario sent to us by a person who was wondering if a short sale was the right decision for him and his ex-wife.

“I would very much appreciate your serious consideration of a short sale for the property mentioned above. My reason for this request is financial hardship. After being laid off in 2010, I was forced to look for work in another town. I took the best paying job I could find in my profession. Unfortunately, this position pays much less than my previous job. My now ex-wife stayed behind in Jacksonville at our house.

“Over time, this separation caused many problems and fights between us. We were losing money due to two housing payments. Our savings was diminished as a result of our monthly bills. We have now been divorced since January, 2013. After the current tenants vacated it was very hard to find a new tenant that would cover the monthly payment. It became impossible to make my mortgage payments. The situation was not going to resolve itself in the short-term. I knew foreclosure was inevitable. There is no possible way for me to resume payments.”

Obviously this is a very serious and stressful situation for a homeowner who is looking for answers to very complex questions.

A short sale is one of the options to consider, however, everyone’s finances are different a decision can’t be made until all paperwork has been reviewed. Please call to set an appointment with Short Sale Facilitators by calling 321-397-5505.



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