Florida Homeowners Worry About Moving After a Short Sale

Moving is Stressful for Distressed Homeowners

Homeowners worry about where they will live after a short sale. They worry their credit will be ruined and they wonder if anyone will rent to them. Steve and Alma Korshak of Short Sale Facilitators in Casselberry, Florida have successfully worked with homeowners to answer questions about life after a short sale.

Move Out Day Is Negotiated in a Short Sale

Alma Korshak has dedicated herself to negotiating short sales for the last seven years.  Working out of her office in Casselberry Florida, Alma helps homeowners negotiate short sales and their relocation needs. She will work with the buyer and his/her agent and the lenders to negotiate a final move-out day.

Will a Short Sale Ruin my Credit?

Credit ratings depend on many factors. How was your credit before the short sale?  Have you made regular mortgage payments, or are you behind? Have you been able to pay your HOA fees and your credit card and utility bills?  Your credit rating comes from more than just your ability to pay your mortgage.  All your payment history is considered. That is why it is so important to contact Short Sale Facilitators as soon as you decide a short sale is the best option for you.

Who Will Rent to Me after a Short Sale?

Landlords have experienced the same challenges in the housing market that you have. They may be more understanding of your situation than you might imagine. Many families that once owned homes are now renting. You are not the only person who has experienced a foreclosure or a short sale. If the landlord has questions about your credit report, answer them honestly. A landlord wants to know who he is renting to and wants to know you are able to pay the rent and you will take care of the property.

Short Sale Facilitators Casselberry FL

Short Sale Facilitators Negotiation Relocation Expenses When Possible

When Do I Have to Move Out of my House?

Short Sale Facilitators will negotiate how quickly you need to move after the short sale is complete. Do not feel you must move out before the short sale is complete. In fact, it’s often much better for the seller to remain in the home until after closing so the property does not sit empty and fall into disrepair. Remember you are responsible for the home until the sale is complete. When Alma Korshak meets with you, she will discuss the time you need to move out of your home and will negotiate in your behalf. It is wise to plan ahead. Once the short sale is complete, you must be prepared to move.

Who Will Pay My Moving Expenses?

Some federal programs that offered relocation assistance expired, but many lenders may still negotiate a relocation credit to the seller. It is important to have an experienced negotiator like Alma Korshak on your side to work out the details surrounding how and when you must move. Short Sale Facilitators will work hard to get any relocation assistance available.

Can I Afford to Hire A Short Sale Negotiator?

Relax. The seller is not required to pay Short Sale Facilitators any fees. The buyer pays all fees at closing.

What If I Am Not Sure About a Short Sale?

Call Alma Korshak at 321-397-5505 to schedule a meeting.  Alma and her staff will meet with you to answer any questions you have. They will explain the order and timing of everything.

Short Sale Facilitators is located conveniently in Casselberry, Florida. We negotiate Florida short sales and out-of-state short sales as well. At Short Sale Facilitators of Florida, every client is a priority.


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