Florida Realtors Find Short Sales a Long Process

Realtors Get Help with Short Sales

Short Sale Facilitators Help Realtors with Short Sale Paperwork

Short Sale Facilitators have experience negotiating shorts sales

Florida realtors may not want to list short sales because the process is a long one and can definitely be full of twists and turns.  But there is help available. Short Sale Facilitators in Casselberry Florida understands the time involved to bring a short sale to closing.

It takes experience and patience to negotiate the terms of a short sale. Alma Korchak and her team have negotiated only short sales for almost seven years and they understand the process and the hurdles very well.

In the video Short Sales Can Be Time Consuming for Realtors, you will hear attorney Steve Korshak discuss the benefits of realtors working with Short Sale Facilitators to negotiate their client’s short sale property.

We Help Realtors Negotiate Short Sales

In order for a short sale to take place, the property must be listed for sale.  Rather than deal with all the long negotiations, let Short Sale Facilitators handle all that for you – always keeping you well informed.  We will negotiate with the lender and handle the communication between the buyer, the lender, the seller and the agent.

Realtors Rely on Commissions

Realtors often ask, “Will I still get my commission?” The answer is Yes. The realtor’s commission is paid at closing.  The buyer – not the realtor, pays Short Sale Facilitator’s fees.  We want to make the process easy for you by doing what we do best – Negotiating Short Sales.

Short sales take much longer because more people and more institutions are involved.  There may be multiple lienholders and all must approve the short sale.  This is where our strong negotiating skills will help.  We will handle the negotiation and the paperwork and keep you in the loop all the way. No one wants to see a buyer walk away.  It can happen, of course, but if someone is paying close attention to all the detail, it minimizes the risk for everyone involved.

Short Sale Facilitators of Casselberry, FL can take away the stress many realtors feel when confronted with negotiating a short sale.  Call Alma Korchak at 321-397-5505.  We want to work with you on your short sale so you get back to the business of listing and selling property.


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