Florida Short Sale Negotiators Necessary?

An experienced short sale negotiator is extremely beneficial in negotiating a short sale transaction between a seller, their realtor and the lender. In a short sale, the lender agrees to accept less for the property than the balance owed on the mortgage. The lenders can be extremely demanding and negotiating the short sale can be an exhaustive process. This is why homeowners and their realtors turn the stress of their short sales over to Alma Korshak of Short Sale Facilitators. Alma has been negotiating short sales for over seven years and she knows how to get results.

When you agree to work with a short sale facilitator, you agree to have them negotiate for you with your lender. That means you must work with someone you trust – someone with experience. But what does a short sale negotiator actually do?

Short Sale Negotiation is Tricky

Why hire a short sale negotiator? Hurdles can come up during a short sale negotiation. It is so important to have someone on your side that can think on their feet and react quickly when issues arise. Negotiators understand the mechanics of a short sale and use that knowledge to benefit their clients.

Having an experienced short sale negotiator will give you peace of mind. Short Sale Facilitators have the experience and skills to negotiate successfully with your lender.

1. A short sale negotiator must be organized, efficient and focused on working with the lender. Federal programs and individual lenders have different requirement for the documentation and paperwork required in a short sale. Timeframes must be met and time is of the essence.

2. Short Sale Facilitators of Florida only handle short sales. As such, they are familiar with federal programs, individual lender requirements a seller must meet to qualify for a short sale, especially the hardship letter. Short sale packages are delivered to the lender complete and on time.

3. Communication is key in the success of a short sale. Short sale negotiators are excellent communicators focused on negotiating on behalf of the seller.

4. A strong negotiator is a problem solver. They understand how to resolve title issues and deal with Homeowners Associations and multiple lenders. The negotiators at Short Sale Facilitators understand the hardships their clients are under, and as a third party, can negotiate without the emotional stress the seller may feel.

5. Alma Korshak and her team don’t stop until they minimize or eliminate the deficiency in a short sale. They understand the financial strain their clients are under so they work tirelessly in their negotiation with the lender to get them to forgive the deficiency.

6. Short sales are not short. They often take a long time and require attention every step of the way. A short sale facilitator has the time to focus on the short sale. Realtors and lawyers may not have the time to fully dedicate themselves to their client’s short sales so they turn to Short Sale Facilitators to manage the process.

7. Short Sale Facilitators find any relocation funds available for the seller. Sometimes relocation is included in some government programs and some lenders offer their own relocation funds to assist sellers in their relocation.

8. Sellers pay no fees for a short sale negotiator. The buyer or the lender — never the seller, pays fees at closing.

When You Need Help

When you are facing the short sale of your property, call Short Sale Facilitators in Casselberry Florida. Alma Korshak can answer your questions upfront and help put your mind at ease. A short sale is not short in time or stress, so why not let someone else handle the negotiation for you?

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