Florida Short Sales Continue

Negative Equity Still a Problem

Alma Korshak Negotiates Short Sales

Short Sales Can Be An Option for Distressed Homeowners

Nationally, homeowners are regaining equity in their homes, but Florida still lags behind. Over 28% of Florida homeowners are still underwater.

In the past, buyers were frustrated with short sales and shied away from them. In south Florida, investors started paying cash for short sales and foreclosed properties. The average buyer could not compete. Those trends are changing. Home prices are rebounding while the numbers of available short sales have decreased slightly.  Many buyers have a renewed interest  in short sales as the only option for buying a home they can afford.

Why Choose a Short Sale?

Distressed homeowners are often at the end of their rope and think it might just be easier to allow the bank to foreclose or to file bankruptcy rather than to go through the hassle of a short sale.  Steve and Alma Korshak of Short Sale Facilitators in Casselberry, Florida encourage homeowners to think about their credit before making that decision.  The impact to your credit can be much less with a short sale than with a foreclosure or a bankruptcy.

The First Step in a Short Sale

First, you must contact a realtor to list your short sale.  Alma Korshak recommends you deal with a realtor that has experience working with short sales.  But she also understands you may have a relationship with a realtor you trust and that is okay, too. Short Sale Facilitators work with realtors every day to manage the hassles of a short sale.  They will keep both you and your realtor informed every step of the way.

Do I Tell the Bank about My Short Sale?

You may have been dealing with your financial situation for a long time and getting that call from your bank asking why you haven’t been making payments can make you feel uneasy.  Just be honest.  Tell the lender you have asked a realtor to help you short sell your home.  The lender does not want to foreclose on the property if a sale is possible – even if it means the bank gets less money than you owe. This is where the knowledge and experience of strong negotiators will benefit you.

Short Sales Can Be Complicated

Short Sale Facilitators Building in Casselberry Florida

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Do you have a second mortgage?  Is there a lien on your property?  Are your HOA dues overdue?  Are you living in your home?  Has your home been vandalized?   Short Sale Facilitators has the knowledge and experience to respond to all your concerns.  They will work to negotiate the best outcome possible based on the details of your short sale.

Short Sale Facilitators of Casselberry Florida has been negotiating only short sales for the last seven years.  Alma Korshak and her team will work closely with you to answer your questions and detail all the documents you need to provide. They will work with your realtor and the buyer’s realtor and each of the lenders involved.  All at no charge to you, the seller.

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