Help for Lawyers With Clients Who Could Benefit from a Short Sale

Steve Korshak is a real estate attorney and an owner of Short Sale Facilitators. Short Sale Facilitators works with lawyers, realtors and homeowners who need to sell a home through short sale but need help to negotiate away the deficiencies, liens, and hassles.

When a home is under its value for whatever reason, the lender can be approached and a short sale can be considered. But the short sale process is very complex, with many twists and negotiations that lawyers don’t want to have to deal with. Short sales take away from the daily legal responsibilities of a lawyer and the listing and selling of real estate.

“As an attorney, I know there are clients you would like to be able to help with a short sale but you skip the short sales because you don’t have the time,” Korshak said.

“I’d like to introduce our services and capabilities of Short Sale Facilitators so that when you have a short sale come up we can handle and negotiate it for you.

“There may be clients that you have who could benefit from a short sale: an illness or death in the family, a house is under water. A financial hardship from divorce, a loss of income. When you don’t have the time to go through the paper work of a short sale, give us a call.

“Don’t take time away from your practice for short sales when they come up. We’ll work the short sale for you. Start to finish, professionally, detail-oriented and making sure you’re informed. We communicate with you keeping up with liens, deadlines, offers, details, talking with realtors, the owner, the buyer and the seller. We make it happen and you aren’t charged a fee.

In fact if you want to participate in the short sale process we can share a percentage of our fee with you based on the percentage of work that you perform in compliance with Florida Bar rules. The buyers pay a minimal fee, not the seller, not you,” Korshak said.

To reach Steve Korshak with Short Sale Facilitators, call 321-397-5505 the next time you get a short sale and need someone to negotiate and handle everything for you.


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