Realtors Love It When We Take Over Short Sales

There are few things less attractive in the real estate industry than short sales for realtors. Why? Because in short: short sales are a very big responsibility. The negotiations, the paperwork, the liens, the communication that are required for  short sale often require that realtors go above and beyond to get the property sold.

Realtors sell and list properties. That’s the business. But Short Sale Facilitators knows that in this challenging economy that short sales are popping up all over the place.

Realtors take the listings, but will not be able to tackle all the negotiations with the bank. THAT will be left up to the seller who has to appease a lender when the home is sold for less than what is owed.

That’s OK, though. There is no need to worry because when you contact Short Sale Facilitators, the seller and the realtor can turn the short sale work over to us.

Short Sales Can Be Time Consuming for Realtors

Attorney Steve Korshak an owner of Short Sale Facilitators, explains in a video called “Short Sales Can Be Time Consuming for Realtors,” which may be seen on the Short Sale Facilitators YouTube Channel.

“I want to talk to you about short sales, yes, and the short sales which can be very time consuming,” Steve said. “Short sales need attention to detail, a full-time person or team dedicated to making the short sale happen.

“Short sales take babysitting. A short sale can take you away from selling or listing a property. So instead of tackling this yourself, you should consider leveraging yourself by working with us.

“Short Sale Facilitators has handled only short sales for almost seven years and we’re very skilled and attentive to all details. You can comfortably let us handle your short sale because we keep you informed. Take a short from clients you would like to help, and let us handle it for you.

“You won’t lose money because all the work, we do all the work. The buyer pays our nominal fee. And you earn your commission when the home sells. We’ll negotiate for you and track down all the paperwork. We track down and monitor leans. You’ll know everything that we do about the file. We communicate with the bank, the buyer, the seller and with you.

“We even have a program which can help you generate additional income by helping us provide a BPO. Let us help you help your clients.

Call Steve Korshak with Short Sale Facilitators if you are a realtor, a seller, a homeowner, or a lawyer who would like to have a short sale executed and negotiated and tackled by a team who is paid a nominal fee by the BUYER.  Call to make an appointment at 321-397-5505.


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