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Steve and Alma Korshak work tirelessly on behalf of short sale clients.

Steve and Alma Korshak work tirelessly on behalf of short sale clients.

Alma Korshak and Steve Korshak, owners of Short Sale Facilitators, work short sales on behalf of sellers and are intent on helping them with every benefit that a seller qualifies for within the short sale process.

Alma will look for every financial break possible to help sellers with the short sale closing. There may be closing funds, the seller may be eligible for relocation assistance programs, possible government funding available to sellers to pay down deficiencies or receive loans at a discounted rate.

Alma embraces the challenges of negotiating short sales for frustrated home owners, overworked real estate and family services attorneys and realtors.

By choosing to work with Short Sale Facilitators, sellers, lawyers and realtors receive the benefits of short sales without the headaches and hassles because the Short Sale Facilitators’ team handles everything.

During a short sale, Short Sale Facilitators can:

  • Eliminate short sale deficiencies
  • Find homeowner relocation assistance funds
  • Find seller short sale closing funds
  • Negotiate down mortgage balances owed with tough lenders
  • Provide non-stop updates and communication with all parties involved
  • Find government funds to assist with the short sale closing

Problem Solvers, Master Negotiators

Working hard for clients starts with careful review of short sales paperwork.

Working hard for clients begins with short sales paperwork.

Let Short Sale Facilitators tackle your short sale through the streamlined, practical, and stress-free process created by Alma Korshak. Short Sale Facilitators has seen every kind of short sale stall tactic, difficult negotiation tactic, unsatisfactory offer by a buyer… tactics that would slow or disappoint most, but not Alma or Steve.

The key to Alma’s success is the ability of her team to negotiate  and get the seller the best possible sales package. Alma will walk you through the process, explain the details, and keep you completely informed of the status of the sale.

Whether you’re an experienced attorney, realtor, or a first time homeowner, Short Sale Facilitators use the power of negotiating, coupled with years of experience to get through the chaos and find ways to make a short sale deal happen for the seller.


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