Do You Qualify?

Are You a Short Sale Candidate?

Short Sale Facilitators can open doors and reach decision makers.

Short Sale Facilitators can open doors and reach decision makers.

Call today and take a few minutes to find out from Short Sale Facilitators if you are a short sale candidate. Not everyone qualifies for a short sale and nationwide, only 15 to 30 percent of short sales get approved. But at Short Sale Facilitators our success rate is 99 percent.

If you are on the verge of being served foreclosure papers, or have received a lis pendens, you should get Short Sale Facilitators involved in an attempt to get your property situation under control.

If Short Sale Facilitators is going to begin negotiations with your lender, you must provide the following required documents:

Start Today

  • Authorization to release sellers’ information (Provided by Short Sale Facilitators)
  • Purchase contract agreement (Provided by realtor)
  • Hardship letter (Samples available)
  • Seller’s last 2 Tax Returns & sellers W-2s
    • Profit & Loss required if you are self-employed
  • Last 2 months of most recent pay stubs
  • MLS comparables (Provided by realtor)
  • Copy of Mortgage Statement
  • 2 months of most recent bank statements–EVERY page–even if blank
  • Homeowners association information
  • Listing agreement & history (Provided by realtor)
  • Buyer’s pre-qualification letter
    • If cash buyer, proof of funds statement
  • Financing Pre-Approval
  • Short Sale Facilitators agreement (Provided by Short Sale Facilitators)
  • Lender’s short sale package (Short Sale Facilitators will provide you with an additional short sale lender’s package that your bank requires you to complete)

When Documents Are Complete

  1. Gather ALL documents
  2. Mail or bring COMPLETE hard copy set of documents to Short Sale Facilitators:
    • 950 W. Winter Park Dr., Ste. 352, Casselberry, Florida 32707
  3. E-mail COMPLETE set of documents to Short Sale Facilitators
    • Attention: Alma Korshak
  4. Keep at least one COMPLETE set of your own of all documents

What’s the Next Step?

Under water homes can sink a financial future. Start over with a short sale.

Under water homes can sink a financial future. Start over with a short sale.

We need to see all of the paperwork. We first review your file and then determine a strategy. We have you provide all of the documents because we can’t give absolutes, we can’t make promises, and we can’t prescribe or suggest over the phone.

However, we can tell you that you cannot be deep into a foreclosure. On occasion we have been able to hold off a foreclosure, or even reverse it. It is rare, but if you are in foreclosure there is always a chance the foreclosure can be halted or stopped.

So, if you are behind on your mortgage and are considering bankruptcy to get rid of your home, contact us. If you are planning to let your home go into foreclosure, call us. A short sale is an option that your lender may allow to proceed thus allowing you to sell the home, giving the lender the entirety of the proceeds which will be less than what you owe.

Short Sale Facilitators negotiates with the lender to have the remaining amount, known as a deficiency, waived, decreased, forgiven, or paid off by another means.

Short Sale Facilitators’ team of specialists, lawyers, and realtors negotiates with your lender so you can sell your property for what it is worth now—not what it was worth when you originally bought it—shorting the lender an amount due on the original loan.

Why and how does Short Sale Facilitators achieve these actions? With the massive number of foreclosures across the nation, some money to a lender is better than no money to a lender.

A short sale is the better alternative to incurring the legal fees filed in a foreclosure lawsuit. The goal is to get your loan amount that is owed reduced to best reflect the real value of the property and the market. The lender can come after you for the deficiency, so it is negotiated away if at all possible. The other options are: a small promissory note, Short Sale Facilitators finding government programs to provide deficiency funds, or the new buyer may contribute. With Short Sale Facilitators, the power of negotiating never stops.

Do All Short Sales Work Out?

Short Sale Facilitators work tirelessly for clients.

Short Sale Facilitators work tirelessly for clients.

Short Sale Facilitators owner and specialist Alma Korshak says no, not all short sales work out. The success of a short sale depends upon who the seller’s negotiator is. All short sales are different, not one is the same.

“While you may have certain thoughts about the knowledge of what can happen, I have more,” Alma said. “I know how to tackle and overcome every problem that you can throw at me. There’s always a solution with short sales, and my job is to find that solution.”

Typically, real estate agents are very well educated and thoroughly knowledgeable with regard to short sales. Additionally, realtors are very easy to deal with because they understand the challenges. Even realtors and lawyers who are not familiar with short sales do know that short sales are headaches.

“Are they headaches? Of course! But I have a passion for short sales,” Short Sale Facilitators’ Alma Korshak explains. “I love the challenge. I love the rewarding part of a short sale: getting my sellers’ money to relocate; getting deficiency balances waived. Meaning that the lender will not try to come and collect at a later date.

“Their nightmare is my passion; the more challenging it is the better it is. I know how to do this. I already know the problems, your problems—and I know how to solve them.”



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