Short Sale Facilitators would like to thank all of our clients who thought enough of our work to send us very kind thank you notes. We love helping sellers and homeowners alleviate the stress that an under water home or property and its monthly mortgage can cause. There’s always several options to consider to get rid of the debt with a home. Very often, a short sale will be the right option.  However, if a short sale is not for you, then we’ll tell you that.

For our clients who have completed a short sale with us, we truly appreciate your business, your patience and your support.

Needed Short Sale After Being Laid Off

“I was laid-off from my job of 37 years on 12/21/2012 when Hostess Brands closed.  I had to immediately inform the house mortgage company that I needed to Short Sale the house and made plans to move up where I have family in North Carolina.

I was referred to Short Sale Facilitators by my realtor and they have worked with me through the very complicated process of Short Sale.  Alma Korshak and Jackie Byrd have shown a great deal of professional skill and personal involvement in my case and I have been very happy with the results in getting final approval in this sale.

Alma and Jackie have made themselves completely accessible to me with all my questions and have kept me informed of the progress with the innumerable documents along the way.

I would recommend Short Sale Facilitators to anyone who finds themselves in my position of needing a property short sale.  They handled everything in a friendly, courteous and timely manner and I was very happy with their help.”


Terry M (Seller)

Short Sale Closing Process Satisfaction

“I did a post closing interview with the seller, Mr. A, who conveyed his complete satisfaction with every step of the short-sale and closing process. I want to thank all of you for your hard work. You are all great to work with and make me look good in the process! I really appreciate it.

“Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into getting the B____ short sale approved. It’s always a pleasure working with someone as professional and diligent as you. I’m looking forward to the many deals we’ll do together in the future!”

–Bill Miller, Realtor
RE/MAX Central Realty

Short Sale Was Life Changing for Seller

“We can’t thank you enough for your hard work and dedication on out short sale. Throughout this long (ten months!), frustrating, nerve wracking process we never once questioned that a positive result would ensue; your knowledge and level of professionalism was out of this world. Despite being up against the most frustrating mortgage company on the planet, YOU PERSISTED AND GOT OUR DEAL CLOSED. You were ALWAYS there to pick us up when we were confused and at our breaking points – your WARMTH and KINDNESS were invaluable.

Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it… this was life changing!”

-A.P. (Property Seller)

From a Client to His Real Estate Listing Agent

“I wanted to tell you about my Venetian Bay short sale. It was a SUCCESS. This has been a wacky ride. L and I were in Orlando in late January when coincidentally I was served with court papers. Subsequently we listed the condo with you and to our surprise received an offer to buy very shortly thereafter.

“To put it candidly, the whole process worried me to the point of UNOFFICIAL INSANITY. Having survived one previous short sale that cost me $ 25,000, I wasn’t looking forward to this one.

“Then Alma and Sheryl entered the picture.

“The ladies pressed me into completing form after form… and took over my case. I have absolutely no idea how they accomplished getting me off the hook SCOT FREE, but to say that I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL would be an enormous understatement. While my nerves were a little frazzled, somehow they managed to keep in the loop and calm… well sort of.

“Dealing with this transaction from another country while trying to explain the differences in taxation, laws, postal codes etc., is trying at times. The ladies took great care of me. I would have liked to have been a FLY ON THE WALL when Alma Sheryl went to battle with GMAC…they must have some out swinging.

“(But the) SCORE: 1-0 Short Sale Facilitators vs. GMAC. Game over.

“Lon, as a long time customer (and friend) of yours you need to know that Short Sale Facilitators did an awesome job for me. Awesome.

“I realize that no one is making any significant profit out of this deal but it is worth millions to me. Thank you for recommending Alma and Sheryl to me.”

T L to Lon Torman
Team Torman Realty

Short Sale Facilitators’ Work “Freed Realtors to List and Sell”

“Our team decided 18 months ago to “Go Big” listing short sales and we owe our subsequent success to our focus on the marketing and sales, while leaving the negotiations to a third party. After working with four different negotiation companies, we can honestly say that none achieved the standards, competence and success ratio that we have enjoyed with Short Sale Facilitators. Their attention to detail and follow-up is consistently top-notch, and buyer agents with whom we co-broke love the higher commissions that are possible with Short Sale Facilitators’ compensation arrangement.

“We love the way that Short Sale Communicators communicates with our owners, freeing us to list and sale. We also love Short Sale Communicators’ seamless connectivity with Greater Florida Title, reducing the time and effort we need to spend on transaction coordination. All-in-all, everyone is winning in this partnership; our owners, our buyers, our co-broker realtor partners, our buyers and us!!”

–Lon Torman, Realtor
Team Torman Realty

Give Alma “a Job to Do and it Will Be Done”

“Alma is as dedicated, passionate and as knowledgeable about the ‘backend’ of real estate transaction as you will find anywhere. Give her a job to do and it will be done by about the time you finish telling her what needs to be done, almost! December 8, 2011.”

(David, Founder and CEO at New Homes Niche, was with another company when working with Alma at Short Sale Facilitators.)

“Alma leads a team of professionals that negotiate short sales on behalf of home sellers and buyers. She and her team are dedicated to getting the short sale approved and the deal closed.”

–David Fletcher, Founder & CEO
New Homes Niche

Best Short Sale Experience Ever

“You have made this by far the BEST experience with a short sale I’ve ever had. Thank you for the updates.”

–Bryce Rysewyk, Realtor
Success Investment Realty

Great Short Sale Service

“I would like to recommend the great short sale service that I received from Short Sale Facilitators. My house was estimated to be 50% down from the original price that I bought it. We were in the process of short sale and the bank lawyers take the house title, Alma and her team put it back in the tile in three months after the case was appealed in the court. So my house went from foreclosure to a short sale status.

“With the house title back in my hands, short sale facilitators also did a great job negotiating three liens in total that we have with the bank and the HOA. The process was supporting giving the paperwork at a time and in the end, the short sale was done in a really good manner due to a professional and dedicated team the mission accomplished beyond my expectations.

“Thanks a lot for your efforts and create a financial release for me and my family.”

–Hector Rodriguez

100% of Short Sales Approved

“I started out looking for someone to negotiate my short sales from California to Orlando. I found Short Sale Facilitators Inc. They know how to negotiate and save me hours of my own time. Their ratios in getting offers approved are at 100% to date for me. Communication of the negotiations is one of the most important things that I expect and I can say that all parties involved in the transaction are always satisfied.”

–Irving Gerena, Realtor
Keller Williams Realty 

“Amazed by Your Ability to Get Lenders to Go Away”

“My thanks to you and the team. This challenging process has been stressful, but made tolerable by your patience and guidance. Time to move forward. Still amazed by your ability to get the lenders to ‘go away’… wow.”

–Tom Tittel

Works Hard to Get the Job Done

“We have known Alma for over 15 years. She has served us over the years facilitating closings as well as assisting our clients with short sales.

“Alma is very detail oriented. She is well organized and prepared for all of her clients. She has always been a great help to us and will measure up to anyone’s expectations.

“Alma is enthusiastic and will work hard to get the job done!”

–Michael and Lori Solomon
Coldwell Banker Solomon


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