Short Sale Facilitators Negotiates for Sellers Who Fear a Deficiency

A short sale is a process where a realtor with experience in short sales lists a property on the market and sells the property. When the property is sold, the seller, who may owe a second mortgage, a mortgage, homeowner association fees and possible liens, has a hero or heroine, who steps in on their behalf to negotiate the debt down.

Short Sale Facilitators is that negotiator who works tirelessly, endlessly for people selling their homes, to eliminate a deficiency if at all possible.

The negotiator looks everywhere within their resources including government closing funds, government relocation fees, and any other money available from the buyer, even the lender, to close the home sale with the least amount of deficiency.

The negotiator, the hero of the short sale, negotiates on the seller’s behalf to eliminate the debt that is still there. It’s called a deficiency. It may be a $20,000 or it may be a $200,000 deficiency. The negotiator will talk with, cajole, urge, push, pull and talk and work out the deficiency to the very best of the negotiator’s ability.

Short Sale Facilitators is the negotiator who works tirelessly on the behalf of each and every seller who may still owe an amount of money to the original lender of the loan.

The Fear of a Deficiency

A deficiency is the amount of money left after the buyer has bought a home for less than is what is owed the lender. The lender, however, can be worked with to allow this deficiency to  go away, be forgiven. The term short sale comes from the sale of a home that is “short” of the full amount owed to the lender. Only a skilled and experienced and determined negotiator will be able to get the deficiency to be forgiven.

On occasion, there are funds available for the seller to receive from the government or other sources to diminish or even fully eliminate the deficiency.

The key is that the deficiency is negotiable. A deficiency has many options including a loan that can be granted to the seller at an extremely low percentage rate. In this way, the home is sold short, the deficiency is not left hanging out there, the seller maintains their credit and is able to take time to pay the loan off over time.

There are so many scenarios in a short sale. There are many, many options that do not include a seller ending up in worst case scenarios. The seller doesn’t pay the fess involved in a short sale, the buyer does at closing.

The lawyer, the realtor, the homeowner do not have to chase down the lender to urge negotiations at every turn. Short Sale Facilitators makes all the moves and negotiates on behalf of everyone involved with the lender with the sole goal of getting the deficiency and any remaining balance after a home is sold to go away.

Now, it doesn’t happen every time, but when and if it can occur, Short Sale Facilitators is the hardest working negotiator involved in the short sale process.

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