Short Sale Help is Available for Those Stuck With Homes

There are many people who contact Short Sale Facilitators for help in a short sale under many different circumstances. There are families who have to sell homes for many reasons usually economic from job loss, overwhelming debt due to medical bills, sudden illness.

No matter what the reason, sellers, lawyers, realtors bring properties to our team so that we may begin the negotiations that will get the property off the backs of people who no longer want the property.

When the property is prepared for sale, all of the debt, the liens, loans, taxes, homeowner association fees are determined before the property is put on the market.

When the liens are clarified by the Short Sale Facilitators’ team, the home is put on the market.

After the sale, if by chance the home is sold for less than what is owed, the deficiency is negotiated down by our team of skilled negotiators. The goal is to not owe any money, but home sold through short sale often sell due to upside down scenarios where the property is worth less than what it was purchased.

Here’s a situation that is typical of clients who contact Short Sale Facilitators. Many sellers are stressed out and afraid, certain that nothing positive will come from selling the property. Below is an actual hardship letter from a client seeking help that we were able to provide.

To Whom It May Concern: 

We want to participate in the short sale for cash incentive program. I purchased my home in 2004 at the time myself and my wife were in the mortgage industry and making significant income to cover our mortgage. 

On January 18, 2008,  our company closed and we were both unemployed. We used all our savings and assets to try and keep our home. We could not find employment. We tried modifying and still could not afford the payment that they offered. 

My wife ha been diagnosed with an auto immune disease and is unable to work. I have then a job as a long distance truck driver. My income is not enough to afford our home any longer.

We have listed the house with brokers who specialize in short sale programs. We would like to salvage our credit and help the mortgage company to get their money. Please help us resolve this and avoid foreclosure. 

Your help is greatly appreciated. 

This seller is under duress, hoping for good news, and seeking the best possible price and negotiation help with the mortgage.  For answers to the questions that you’ve got about short sales and how to sell your home through short sale, contact us at 321-397-5505. We work with short sales across the country, not only in Florida.



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