Short Sales in Florida and Across the U.S.

Homeowners turn to Short Sale Facilitators in Casselberry Florida to negotiate their short sales across the U.S., in any of the 50 states.

The key to the success of any short sale is having a skilled negotiator like Alma Korshak working out details of the short sale with your lender.

Listing your short sale in any state is similar to a traditional real estate listing.

1. You must find a realtor to list the property

2. If the property is out of state Alma recommends you find a realtor in the area where your property is located.

3. Alma also says it is better if you can find a realtor that understands the short sale process so they are familiar with what must be done.

4. Realtors like working with Short Sale Facilitators because agents know how much time and attention short sale negotiations require.

5. When you list your property for sale, the realtor will visit the property and determine the fair market value of your home.

6. This is why having a realtor in the area where the property is located is important.

7. Sometimes when the owner of the property is not the area to watch over the home, it can fall into disrepair.

Remember, a short sale is a real estate transaction where the lender agrees to accept less money in the sale of the property than what is owed, so having the property in the best shape possible helps. But even abandoned or vandalized property can be sold as a short sale. Even more reason you need the power of negotiation that Short Sale Facilitators offers.

What Do I Tell the Bank?

If you haven’t made payments, eventually the lender will contact you. It is best to answer their calls, or better yet, contact them yourself.

“If you’ve decided to short sale your property my advice would be to contact your lender and explain to them that you are in a financial hardship and that you can no longer afford to make your payments,” Alma said.

“And that you are in the process of listing your property as a short sale. It is much better when the lender knows about your plans to short sale your home.

“If your lender cannot contact you, the lender thinks there is no option other than to proceed toward foreclosure. Honest communication with your lender is best.”

Why Use a Short Sale Facilitator?

Some real estate agents have experience processing short sales and some do not. Short Sale Facilitators only processes short sales so they have the knowledge and skills to manage all aspects of the short sale process when the home is sold.

Even if your property is elsewhere, Alma Korshak will work with lenders to negotiate your short sale. When you list your property as a short sale, it is important to tell your agent you want to work with a short sale facilitator.

Having a strong short sale negotiator is important. There are no fees to you for our services, so that you do not have to worry about going further in debt.

At closing, Short Sale Facilitator’s fees will be paid, but not by the seller.

The one thing Alma does recommend is to include the fact you are using a third party facilitator in the contract when you list the house for short sale.

“And it’s important that their agent disclose when they take that listing, it’s important that they disclose in the attachments that there is a third party facilitator that’s gonna be processing the short sale because that way it doesn’t take the buyer’s agent by surprise.”

Regardless of whether your property is in Florida or in another state, you can call on Short Sale Facilitators to answer your questions and negotiate your short sale for you.

Every short sale has it’s own individual challenges and Alma Korshak has seen them all. She will keep you and your agent aware of the short sale negotiation and contact you immediately when there is news about your short sale. Short Sale Negotiators works on your short sale with your lender every day so you know you are in good hands.

Even though you or your property may be out of state, the negotiation with the lender follows the same process.  Short Sale Facilitators will negotiate with your lender so your real estate agent can focus on marketing your property for short sale.

You can relax and let Alma and her team of professionals manage and negotiate even the most complex short sales.

Alma Korshak’s number one priority is negotiating for you and she will not rest until she has exhausted every possible way to minimize deficiencies and bring your short sale to a successful closing.

Alma has helped short sale clients for over seven years. Call the office in Casselberry Florida to schedule a call or a meeting so they can help put your mind at ease about the short sale of your home regardless of where it is located.


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