Negotiator and Facilitator Alma Korshak

Short Sale Facilitators owner Alma Korshak.

Short Sale Facilitators of Florida owner, manager and short sale specialist Alma Korshak has a passion for negotiations and for making short sales happen for clients.

“I’m going to use my negotiation skills and I will go to the extreme to get a short sale done,” said Alma, a licensed real estate sales associate. “I’m going to go ask lenders for breaks, banks for extensions, lending institutions for forgiveness. I’m going to do the best job possible to get the short sale done.”

Alma’s primary reason for doing short sales is her genuine desire to help people who are losing their homes resolve a major problem.

You know how bad the economy has been. People are losing everything. It’s horrible. So when I get a new file I review it and see what I’m up against. And that’s when my mind starts going and I form a strategy. I already know where I’m going to go and what I’m going to do to help them with their transaction.

“My job as a short sale specialist is to help sellers get out from under their homes for a variety of reasons: divorce, unemployment, upside down home, pre-foreclosure, death in the family, illness, debt. It’s rarely and hardly ever a good situation. People are under stress. They want out, but they don’t want to lose their dignity and their good credit through a foreclosure.

“A short sale is the other option. I provide another choice to people who want out of the mortgage that they’re in. It doesn’t matter who they are or why they want out, I know the stress that they feel. That’s why I fight so hard for them, that and I see a way out every time. There’s almost always another solution.”

Short Sale Facilitators History

A Chicago native, Alma discovered her skill for negotiating when she earned her real estate license and began selling residential property. She met her husband Steve in the legal field; Alma was a paralegal and Steve a law clerk for Household Finance.

Alma and Steve married and began raising a family. Steve, a real estate, business and civil litigator, personal injury, probate and family law attorney founded the law firm, Korshak & Beaulieu in Chicago in 1985. Steve also opened the Heritage Title Company where the duo worked together in the real estate business. Alma was a stay at home Mom for a long time but when the children were a little older, Alma began working at Heritage part time and embraced her role as marketer, processor and closer.

The Korshaks moved to Florida in 1985 when Steve expanded his law practice and Korshak & Beaulieu opened an Orlando, Florida, office. The firm of Korshak & Associates, P.A., was founded in Orlando in 2002, and soon after, Steve opened the Greater Florida Title Company.

Alma ran and managed Greater Florida Title Company full time. Title companies help property sellers transfer their titles, and they help buyers take possession of property titles. When a property seller and a property buyer enter into a formal purchase agreement, a title company plays a large role in the formal sale closing. Title companies also conduct title searches for any existing property claims, maintain necessary escrow accounts for sellers and buyers, and prepare title insurance for sellers.

Short Sale Facilitators Opened its Doors in 2007

Alma recognized that the Florida real estate market was struggling. Lending institutions were closing. Business was slowing. All around her people were losing properties. Families were being pushed out of their homes due to major financial challenges from job loss, overwhelming credit card and medical debt, and ARMs (adjustable rate mortgages that were raising house notes to unaffordable levels.

“I always think outside the box and so I researched loss mitigation and learned all I could about short sales,” Alma said. “I had done title work for so many years that I understood what a realtor was going through having worked in the profession. I understood real estate from the title perspective.

“I investigated the negotiation of short sales. I learned everything that I could on short sales. I educated myself and became a specialist in short sales. I know how to process them. I know how to negotiate them. I know how to get sellers into special programs to help them out of the situation that they are in. Sellers can get relocation funds. They can get our short sale fees paid by the buyer and sometimes even the lender.

“The main reason that I wanted to do this—work only on short sales–was so that I could help people get out of financially devastating situations. As a mother and a compassionate person, I understand what people are going through.



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