Turn Over the Stress of a Short Sale

Short Sale Facilitators want to help homeowners, realtors and lawyers to reduce the stress that often accompanies the decision to offer a home for short sale.

Short sales take a lot of work because of the amount of paperwork, documentation, and deadline-driven activities that must be done carefully. There are lien documents, homeowners associations fee, taxes, bank statements. The gathering of paperwork involved is as much as needed with the taking out of a new home loan.

However, when that initial short sale paperwork is turned over to the Short Sale Facilitators, the homeowner’s work is done.

The big fear, which is real, is that there will be a huge deficiency. This is where having experienced negotiators on your side is imperative. Short Sale Facilitators will negotiate with the lender reduce, eliminate or refinance the deficiency at low interest rate.

A deficiency is the amount of money that a seller may have to pay to the lender if the short sale home sells for less than what’s due to the lender.

In 2001, a new study re-evaluated the findings of the 1967 research done by psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe who published a Social Readjustment Rating Scale. The scale weighed life events that affected the well being of the population.

  • Jail sentence
  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Immediate family member attempts suicide
  • Getting into debt beyond means of repayment
  • Period of homelessness (hostel or sleeping rough)
  • Immediate family member seriously ill
  • Unemployment (of head of household)
  • Divorce
  • Break-up of family
  • Death of a Spouse

Three of the list involve financial hardships and economic realities that can be devastating.

Short Sale Facilitators of Florida

Short Sale Facilitator owner and negotiator Alma Korshak has one primary reason for helping consumers navigate the challenges of a short sale: She has a genuine desire to help people.

A recent search engine result yielded over 20 million results for the phrase “I need to short sale my home in Orlando”. How do you choose someone knowledgeable with the skills necessary to help you in this process?

Keeping up with the laws and legal implications of a short sale in Central Florida can be a full-time job and a very important one. Legislation changes, programs expire or may receive extensions. Alma Korshak and Steve Korshak of Short Sale Facilitators specialize in facilitating and negotiating short sales throughout the state of Florida. They stay on top of these changes for you.

A short sale takes a specific skill set and refined negotiation skills. Lenders can reject short sale offers; buyers can balk at the time period required and walk away from the deal. A strong negotiator can minimize those risks by streamlining the process.

Is a Short Sale Negotiator Necessary?

Every short sale is different. The type of loan, payment and credit history, available equity in your home, your employment, outstanding HOA debts, payment penalties and second mortgages are important factors when considering a short sale.

According to RealtyTrac.com, there are currently over 17,000 properties in Orlando, FL in some stage of foreclosure. Those statistics give you some idea how important it is to have a professional negotiator representing you when dealing with lenders, attorneys, realtors and potential buyers.

Call 321-397-5505 to schedule a consultation with Short Sale Facilitators.  Let Alma Korshak and her team of skilled professionals minimize your stress and negotiate the terms of your short sale for you.


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