When Is a Short Sale the Right Financial Decision?

Realtors ask. Lawyers ask. Homeowners ask. Everyone wants to know when a short sale is the right financial decision.

A short sale is the best option when a home is in what’s called pre-foreclosure; meaning the home is in default. You may have received a lis pendens, or you’re expecting it soon.

This is when a short sale MAY be the right financial decision because if you know foreclosure is around the corner and that you’re not able to afford an attorney to fight the foreclosure, and you don’t want to or cannot afford to keep the property, your first call should be to Short Sale Facilitators.

Pick up the phone and call Short Sale Facilitators to make an appointment preferably before you get the lis pendens. Call us before you’ve been served with a foreclosure lawsuit.

Call us when you know that you’re going to miss a mortgage payment, and before you get behind on your homeowner association dues. The mortgage payments are in arrears and the amount is more than can be paid. The property is upside down and there are medical bills, student loan payments, groceries, electricity and phone bills that must be paid after a job loss, a divorce.

Don’t worry because when the home is sold and it’s off your plate, your life will seem easier and the stress of the home or property is no longer an issue.

Timing is Everything in a Short Sale

The sooner you call, the more quickly we can help you and alleviate all the “what ifs” and “I should haves.” Call quickly so that your options remain open. The moment you find out your home value is below what you owe and you’ve just lost your job, call us. We’ll meet with you as soon as you have made an appointment with us.

Timing is crucial because if you’re considering bankruptcy, fearing foreclosure, own the home, rent the home, you need to act before a foreclosure lawsuit is filed against you.

A short sale may still be done if a home is in the early stages of foreclosure. But if you know you don’t have the money to fight the foreclosure there is no reason to delay the inevitable. You need all the time you can spare to tackle the paperwork, gather your documentation.

Short Sale Facilitators will take over for you and you won’t have to worry because our staff of skilled negotiators is getting to work for you. And you as a seller, a homeowner, a lawyer or a realtor don’t pay for this.

The short sale is paid by the buyer in the closing.

Call When the Mortgage Can’t Be Paid

Here’s a scenario sent to us by a person who was wondering if a short sale was the right decision for him and his ex-wife.

“I would very much appreciate your serious consideration of a short sale for the property mentioned above. My reason for this request is financial hardship. After being laid off in 2010, I was forced to look for work in another town. I took the best paying job I could find in my profession. Unfortunately, this position pays much less than my previous job. My now ex-wife stayed behind in Jacksonville at our house.

“Over time, this separation caused many problems and fights between us. We were losing money due to two housing payments. Our savings was diminished as a result of our monthly bills. We have now been divorced since January, 2013. After the current tenants vacated it was very hard to find a new tenant that would cover the monthly payment. It became impossible to make my mortgage payments. The situation was not going to resolve itself in the short-term. I knew foreclosure was inevitable. There is no possible way for me to resume payments.”

Obviously this is a very serious and stressful situation for a homeowner who is looking for answers to very complex questions.

A short sale is one of the options to consider, however, everyone’s finances are different a decision can’t be made until all paperwork has been reviewed. Please call to set an appointment with Short Sale Facilitators by calling 321-397-5505.



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